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Morning from Martinsville #RFRDriven

Morning #RFRDriven

"The most incredible thing happened tonight. My favorite driver/idol won the race! It is the first race I have ever seen him win. He personally handed me the checkered flag. He is amazing and absolutely deserved to win tonight! What a great experience! I will forever cherish this moment 😊 #carledwards #foodcity500 #bristol #bristolmototrspeedway #bms #rfr #roushfenway #rfrdriven #itsbristolbaby"

Biff hitting the dunes. 

The Kevin and Nancy road trip adventure continues!  So far we’ve been in Phoenix, El Centro, Glamis and now are on our second hotel in Vegas.  The sand dunes of Glamis were the highlight so far, I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s a really cool area.  You can see part of the adventure when episode two of #RaceAroundAmerica launches.  

From there we made the 4 ½ hour drive to Las Vegas.  I’ve discovered in traveling with Kevin that he doesn’t stop for food.  Luckily we had some snacks and now that we are on day seven of this adventure I’ve finally got him letting me eat lunch and dinner. 


By Tuesday was the first day Kevin let me eat lunch, so we went with the West coast staple – In-N-Out.  After lunch we took the scenic 13-mile drive through Red Rock Canyon.  At mile eight we attempted a hike, but lost the trail about a mile in.  After climbing some boulders in what is most likely a river bed if there was water, we found the trail and went back to the car.  Red Rock Canyon is beautiful and if you are looking for something different in Vegas it’s definitely worth the trip.

The rest of the Roush team is on the plane as I type heading to Vegas, while Kevin and I are off to check out the Walgreens location for Greg Biffle’s appearance tomorrow at 6pm.  For those of you in Vegas, stop by Walgreens 3765 Las Vegas Blvd South, wristbands will be handed out at 4pm and Greg will arrive at 6pm.  Come see all of us! 

-Nancy P